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Plant Pots Indoor Outdoor Solo Set Of 3 19/19/25cm

Plant Pots Indoor Outdoor Solo Set Of 3 19/19/25cm

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 Plastic plant pots high-quality, with original and interesting motifs. It’s excellent alternative to easily breakable ceramics pots for plants or terracotta plant pots.

 Set of 3 large plant pots plastic 19/19/25 cm in one package to fit your needs! You can match these big plan pots to any room or garden. Perfect as balcony plant pots or windowsill plant pot. Package perfect for gift for plants lovers.

 Plastic Flower Pot for all types of plants. Good as seed pots, as herb plant pots and also as cactus pot, orchid pots, succulent plant pot, and many other plants. These pots are perfect as flower pots indoor where they help you create a unique atmosphere in your home and also as plant pots outdoor.

 Modern eye-catching design, elegant and glistening surface will add a little luxury to your surrounding. Perfect as pots for house plants, balcony pots for plants, garden pots and planters.

Our garden pots and house plant pots have no drainage holes so they can also be used as a cover and also as a proper plant pot after drilling the holes in the place which is factory marked for this purpose. Perfect extra large planting pots for months and years. Beautiful look with characteristic motif will turn heads of visiting guests.

Technical Specification

Material - Plastic

Diameter/ Height/Weight :

19.5cm / 20cm / 250g

19.5cm/ 20cm/ 250g

25cm/ 27cm / 520g

Drill holes - No

Optional drill holes - Yes

Product usage - Indoor

Shape - Round

Quantity - 3 items

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